Miso Marinated Fried Chicken

This recipe can be done with bone in our boneless chicken. 

Author:  Sam Pellerito 


Miso fried chicken is a flavorful take on a classic dish. Umami rich foods add an extra layer of flavor. 

Chicken Marinade

1) Put chicken parts into a large bowl

2) Add CinSoy miso paste

3) Add CinSoy Mustard

4) Marinate overnight

5) After 24 hours add milk to help with coating



1) 1 cup all purpose flour

2) 2 Tblspn Soy Sauce Salt

3) 1 Tblson gound black pepper

4) 1tspn onion powder


Cooking tools needed: 

1) Solid bottom or cast iron pan (Or pot) 

2) Vegetable or peanut oil

3) Metal tongs

4) Plate with paper towels


Get Cooking:

1) Preheat oil to 350 degrees

2) Dredge chicken in flour to ensure all parts of chicken are coated

3) Place chicken in oil. Make sure to slowly place into oil to avoid splashing

4) Ensure oil stays at 350 degrees to ensure an even cook

5) Use a thermometer to ensure the chicken is cooked. Once the internal temperature hits 160 your chicken is cooked. 

6) Place cooked chicken on a plate and eat!

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