Hand Thrown Rookwood Pottery Cruet with 25oz Small Batch Soy Sauce

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In April of 2021 we met with the folks at Rookwood Pottery to design a custom carafe that combines our brand vision and while adding a unique experience to enjoy the slow-fermented product we all love. Rookwood is a gem in the middle of this cities amazing artistic legacy. As the countries first female-owned tile and ceramics studio it has always led the way towards innovative and unique products.

With a wealth of raw ingredients, it seemed like a no-brainer to make soy sauce in the heart of Cincinnati. The hard part was building a brand that created a meaningful yet subtle image that ignites interest in your product. CinSoy (the name) is a simple way to say "soy sauce made in Cincinnati". What's not simple is tying in the visual components. Our bottle design is a point of pride that ties in the romance of the fermentation process with the surrounding hills of Cincinnati. 

 As a transplant to the area, I was told about the "Seven Hills" surrounding Cincinnati and I thought it was such a neat component of this city's legacy. Seven hills perched above the city containing a diverse and unique community steeped in culture. Our design uses those seven hills as an ode to the community I've fallen in love with.

The texture in the mountains represents the floating mixture of soybeans and wheat as the CO2 moves the salty liquid. Seeing this process from start to finish means a slow and timeline that requires patience. 


Each cruet comes with a 25oz bottle of our small batch soy sauce. 

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