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When I started CinSoy a core piece of my mission was to ensure that we give back to the global community. During the past 2 years as I taught myself the skills to make soy sauce the traditional way I realized that when we don't slow down we tend to miss the most important things. It's easy to forget how important our impact can be when time isn't important. CinSoy is dedicated to ensuring our food helps serve a purpose. 

How We Help

CinSoy is proud to partner with a buy one give one collaborative that makes doing the right thing easier.  One Feeds Two works with a variety of food brands and restaurants that strive to do better. Together we give back to support the less fortunate around the world. For every item you purchase we donate 1 school meal to a child in need. By working with One Feeds Two we can help children without access to fresh meals be more focused on education and class participation. 

To learn more about our partner please visit their website.


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