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What make soy sauce and miso unique?

Soy sauce and miso paste are made using a natural fermentation method using Koji (Aspergillus Oryzae). Koji is a form of fungus that grows on starches to breakdown the proteins and create unique and complex flavors. These flavors include caramel, nuttiness and umami. When combined with other ingredients it adds a 6th flavor profile that many find hard to explain. 


How Is Soy Sauce made?

During the expansion of trade in the Pacific Japanese traders discovered a unique way to ferment foods using Koji and vegetables. This original method was the basis for our modern day miso however the liquid on top birthed a new creation that soon became synonymous with Asia. 

The first step in creating soy sauce is sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Our organic soybeans and roasted wheat are combined with Koji spores from Japan to ferment in a warm and humid chamber for 72 hours. This process is the first fermentation steps. The koji spreads on the soybeans and wheat to begin the breakdown of proteins. The second stage of fermentation includes a long soak in sea salt and purified water. The combination of salt and the fermented mixture begins a brewing process. Over time the mixture begins to bubble and the smell of brewing beer emits.  After 6-12 months the soy sauce is ready for pressing. Once the brownish red liquid is removed from the solids we slowly heat and skim the liquid to ensure a dark and clear sauce. A final quality check for flavor and consistency is performed and the batch goes straight into our bottles for you. 


24 Hours


48 Hours

How is Miso made?

Similar to soy sauce our Yellow Miso uses organic soybeans combined with short grace rice which has been inoculated with koji. The soybeans are cooked, combined with the koji rice and salt to begin the slow process of fermenting into the salty and savory condiment we know today. Each batch is hand stirred to ensure consistency and quality of flavor. 

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